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Logging page rendering time in Symfony 1.xx

Change your SF_APP/web/index.php file to be: $timer = sfTimerManager::getTimer(‘myTimer’); sfContext::getInstance()->getController()->dispatch(); $timer->addTime(); $elapsedTime = $timer->getElapsedTime(); $fullRealUri = str_replace( sfContext::getInstance()->getRequest()->getUriPrefix(), “”, sfContext::getInstance()->getRequest()->getUri()); file_put_contents(‘/tmp/time.log’,date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’).”|$fullRealUri|$elapsedTime\n\r”,FILE_APPEND);

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Online CSS and JS compressor – save your visitor time

Today I needed to reduce size of CSS and JS which was almost 400Kb all together. Spending some time found usefull tools for it. and are winners Before compressing javascript file make sure that You don’t have anything compressed already there, all lines are ending with

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