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How to access magento search results externally (Drupal, Joomla, Zend Framework, Symfony etc)

Blast Search Lucene module enables you to get superquick results delivered to external application Options are: 1) if applications are on the same server you can simply include Magento code and use module method:   $queryText = ‘stainless’; $storeId = 1; $mageFilename = ‘../path_to_your_magento_document_root/app/Mage.php’; require_once $mageFilename; umask(0);

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How to modify Drupal Views SQL

I wanted to sort my views result on field which doesn’t exists in db table, so my idea was to use: SELECT … WHERE field IN (value1, value2) … ORDER BY field = value1 DESC, field = value2 DESC  etc Which orders my elements exactly as I

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