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Use PHP and PDO to connect to MS SQL Server (Zend Framework)

Problems connecting to MS SQL server from Zend Framework? Message: The mssql driver is not currently installed Solution is simple Install pdo_mssql driver: (Ubuntu) #sudo apt-get install php5-sybase #sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart On Centos you need to install pdo_dblib (any problems check here) It will not reflect in

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20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know

Amazing list found at

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Mysql client for Ubuntu

I’ve tried TORA, which seems to be nice sudo apt-get install tora sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt-mysql Any others?

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PHP Mail problem on Ubuntu

I’ve installed fresh version of Ubuntu 9.04 with Lamp, but I couldn’t send emails outside. Problem was SMTP auth of outgoing server, spending time found who made my day. Thanks

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