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What should a developer know before building a public web site?

“The idea here is that most of us should already know most of what is on this list. But there just might be one or two items you haven’t really looked into before, don’t fully understand, or maybe never even heard of.” Great article here

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Why do I receive an “Operation aborted” error message when I visit a Web page in Internet Explorer?

I did really simple application, but still under IE7 it was crashing with Operation aborted. First “You can turn off friendly HTTP error messages in Internet Explorer. This workaround still lets the error message appear. However, Internet Explorer does not move away from the page after the

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Enable spell check in Firefox

How to enable spell checking in Firefox? Enable built-in functionality Type in address bar about:config Then in next window type layout.spellcheckDefault When option appear below double click on it and change value to be 2 Install any dictionary add-on for firefox you like from Restart browser

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Internet Explorer 8 and backward compatibility on code-diesel

“With the release of Internet Explorer 8, the issue of compatibility has again become a concern for web developers. If your website does not display correctly in IE8, you have a choice of either updating your website to support the latest Web standards or you can force

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Online CSS and JS compressor – save your visitor time

Today I needed to reduce size of CSS and JS which was almost 400Kb all together. Spending some time found usefull tools for it. and are winners Before compressing javascript file make sure that You don’t have anything compressed already there, all lines are ending with

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