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Magento Search Extension – improve your magento product search results

Absolutely a must have extension for any site. The extension works great out of the box and Blast also gives great customer service on any issues that come up. Great extension!

Awesome extension which nearly doubled our conversion rate for visitors using search engine. Must have!

This module is simply amazing! the support is second to none. My emails were answered in super quick time. I can’t recommend this enough! We have 30,000 products and this search has improved our search to a very good standard.

Php4u installed this for us yesterday and everyone involved in our project is impressed, it’s very accurate and very fast. We haven’t changed anything in the config, the results are great just as they installed it.

Great product with very fast support! It took a little time for our store to index properly, but the extension is exactly what we were looking for. A+ support!

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  • Improve your default Magento search and deliver quick and relevant results
  • Let your customers finally find your products
  • Optimized and tested with 250k+ SKUs
  • Compatible with Magmi importer (via luceneproductdeleter plugin) and autocomplete extensions such as AheadWorks and other (after small modification)
  • No additional software needed to install and maintain
  • Speed-up your magento with this advanced search module! Index only new products – save your time!
  • Set selected product to be on TOP or BOTTOM of search results easily – get control!
  • Convert 404 pages into alternative search pages – increase conversion

Price per one domain (including unlimited dev/staging/testing) or per magento installation, choose link below

(INSTANT DOWNLOAD AFTER PAYMENT, no PayPal account required)


Solution Graphics

Magento 2 Blast Search Lucene

Blast Search Lucene Full v2.3.9

from 49.99 GBP
  • Search results limiter to any number
  • Search results caching
  • Pushing “out of stock” products to the end
  • Indexing only new products
  • Indexing products TAGS
  • Indexing product category name
  • Simple products added with configurables
  • Hypens, numbers special treating
  • English stemmer with plurars and singular words support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Stop words
  • Replace selected characters to spaces
  • 3 pass mode
  • 3 pass appending mode
  • “Do you mean?” suggestions
  • Word level synonyms
  • Attribute booster
  • Product level top/bottom switch
  • Alternative 404 page
  • API access via SOAP or XMLRPC
  • Product level index log
  • 90 days free support, 1 year free upgrades
  • Compatible with our Autocompleter extension

Blast Search Lucene Lite

  • Search results limiter to any number
  • Search results caching
  • Indexing only new products
  • Hypens, numbers special treating
  • English stemmer with plurars and singular words support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Stop words
  • Replace selected characters to spaces
  • 3 pass mode
  • API access via SOAP or XMLRPC
  • 7 days free support, no upgrades
Demo store
Sites powered by BSL

Make sure that your server meets requirements (check tab below), in 99.9% should work

How to enter license into extension

Which domains can I use with my license? Read here

Refunds policy

Php4u Support If you need help –

FAQ can be also found here

Known problems

Make sure to disable MAGENTO COMPILER and CACHE before installation

Make sure your magento installation has

  • no edits or modifications to magento core (app/code/core folder)
  • no conflicting modules (or conflicting custom code extending magento search) installed

Transfer file you downloaded from this website (BlastLuceneSearch-xxxx.tgz) to root of your magento installation

Navigate to root of you magento folder (where you see index.php and folders such as app, downloader etc) and run

sudo chmod +x pear
./pear mage-setup

This will enable you execure pear installer commands

then execute installer

./pear install BlastLuceneSearch-xxxx.tgz

For magento 1.6.x do:

sudo chmod +x mage
./mage mage-setup

This will enable you execure pear installer commands
then execute installer

./mage install-file BlastLuceneSearch-xxxx.tgz

you should see message that it is installed successfully

Installation – via FTP

Known problems

Make sure your magento installation has

  • no edits or modifications to magento core (app/code/core folder)
  • no conflicting modules (or conflicting custom code extending magento search) installed

Uncompress file downloaded from this website (BlastLuceneSearch-xxxx.tgz) and transfer files to correct places of your magento installation

To do that you can use any software f.e. 7-zip

Please copy all files to magento root

Installation via Magento Connect Manager (for magento 1.5.x and above)

Testing if that works

Now login to your magento admin url (usually and navigate to System > Cache Management and refresh all cache

If everything went ok you should be able to go to System > Index Management and see at the bottom new Button to Reindex “Blast Lucene Search” Index.

After installation please do add license to your module otherwise it will not work

How to add license?

Before reindexin please check all configuration options as many require reindexing so you don’t need to do it twice

Press it and wait couple minutes (depends on number of products / stores in your catalogue), for big number or products we do recommend to reindex via SSH as it can timeout in the browser

After rebuilding Lucene index you can try to search on your shop frontend and enjoy blast speed


If you magento installation has logs enabled you should see in var/log/blastlucenesearch.log simple information how extension performs


There is admin section for that module as well:


(v2.3.0 – released 26 Oct 2015)

  • “Do You mean?” functionality for no results
  • Custom 404 page which gets parts of url and performs search
  • Search product by category name
  • Search by product tags is supported, tags are indexed by magento
  • Search terms report
  • CLI tool to perform operations (which can help magmi integration)
  • Configurable list of ignored words
  • Result can be build on exact, fuzzy and wildcard queries (joined result mode)
  • You can set specific product to be on TOP or BOTTOM of the search results (when limiter not used)
  • Configurable Product attributes booster (weighting)
  • Singular/Plurar ENGLISH stemmer (so your customer will find what they want)
  • API access via SOAP or XMLRPC
  • cron job for scheduled indexing at night
  • shell tool to clear search cache and more…
  • possibility to index only new/updated products – that will save time and enable to resume indexing if fails
  • no JAVA Lucene installation needed (you don’t need to install additional software on your server)
  • all major web servers supported (Apache, Litespeed, Nginx)
  • tested with big number of SKUs (1.7 Million)
  • easy configuration options
  • lucene results below (0.01s) – yes – that quick
  • easy to install (via pear or ftp) – look below – SELF DIAGNOSING PAGE
  • easy to maintain (rebuild index and you’re ready to go)
  • phrase of fulltext search mode
  • log file to track any problems
  • zero code experience required (only installation skills which is super easy)
  • buy with confidence – 7 days money back if you experience extension problems and we can’t make it work for you (need proof – for example live site, log files, index folder, frontend links, admin/ssh access)
  • works with 1.5, 1.6 ,1.7, 1.8, and Enterprise from 1.11
  • tested with PHP 5.6.x (Magento
  • If no results are found – wildcard query or fuzzy search is used to find more results
  • products are indexed on the fly, so you don’t need to rebuild index everytime you do changes
  • magento synonyms friendly, word level synonyms support (search KEYWORD1 OR KEYWORD2)
  • you can select which characters should be treated as spaces (for example hyphens or slashes)
  • search results are cleared whenever you save settings, so you see results straight away
  • view log file from admin screen (no SSH access needed)
  • only normal search supported – no ADVANCED SEARCH form
– Minor fixes for stores with more than 60 searchable attributes
– completely new indexer where all fields are stored separately
– indexer is processing only searchable and enabled products – no time wasting for invisible items anymore
– improved indexer log
– completely redesigned self-diagnosing page
– completely new Catalog search terms page – with different time breakdown
– clear licensing screen – all stores in one view
– fixed E_NOTICE in 404 controller
– improvements to custom CLI indexer
– improved handling slashes and backslashes
– added option to push out of stock products to the end of the list
– improved 404 handling, added event for parsed data
– fixed problem with mass product action (status change)
– fixed problem with number of indexed products was too high, when product Id was not added to the index
– fixed relevancy for second and third pass
– added session id to the log
– added options for switching off additional hyphened string and numbers tokenizing
– fixed indexer for EE 1.9.x

– added support for UTF-8 for Danish language
– improved self-diagnozing page ajax
-added garbage collector (php 5.3 and above)
– added button to mark products as unindexed from admin
– tidy up diagnozing screen
– started translations
– fixed indexer for magento ver below
– fixed problem with ‘No active transaction’ when saving a product
– fixed problem with resetting search results in magento 1.6.x and above
– Minor E_NOTICE fix
– Fixed polish characters problems
– Fixed synonyms index for some products
– Fixed some stemmer variations
– added to configuration batch indexing size
– modified log messages around indexing
– E_STRICT fixes
– “Do you mean?” functionality
– Alternative 404 functionality
– added option to remove product Id from the index
– numbers are tokenized when within the string
– improved support for hyphens in queries
– when _cat_id passed it will searching within that category
– messages cleanup
– changed synonyms feature so it searches for both keywords
– added admin notifications
– added beta feature to add category names to the index
– added fix for second pass to correctly query OR searches
– option to disable magento truncating search results
– experimental lucene-tool.php initial indexer fixed for
– fixed dataflow profile export for lucene position attribute
– experimental new reindexer via commandline
– config option to disable magento search caching
– improved hypens handling for indexing and searching
– index creation for IIS7 fixed
– utf8 for french characters fixed
– added log info when results from cache
– fixed notice with index on PHP 5.3.x
– added feature to run index optimisation every “n” document indexed. This will help to reduce number of files created in index folder.
– fixed disabling third pass (when second is disabled)
– added searching by tags supported
– fixed product positioner on some installations
– added word synonyms support
– if products were removed from db, still results are delivered
– words remover fixed
– product id logged when indexing
– log can be switched off
– maximum number of words used from magento settings
– cli tool improvements
– cli tool preparation for integration with magmi plugin
– if query is shorter than 3 characters, lucene still will search
– stemmer fix for shorter than 3 characters terms

– added fix for EE and where indexer mode was ignored

– added shell script to clear index and run other commands (1.5.x only)

– added list of words to remove from query

– added way of appending results of WILDCARD and FUZZY searches

– english stemmer improved

– self-diagnozing page – moved under System (from top navigation to save space)

– added option to move product to be on BOTTOM or TOP of the search results list

– self-diagnozing page – removed store 0 from indexes list
– cleaned code to not produce any E_NOTICE notices

– changed wording on self-diagnozing page about number of products in index and products processed

– product attributes weighting (booster)

– added licensing per domain
– fixed limiter for other than main attempt
– added additional step where you can define which charaters to remove from the query string

1.2.5 – minor release
– added config for non-standard utf8 characters

1.2.4 – minor release
– added info on diagnozing page about mb_string
– fixed number of products requiring reindexing on diagnozing page

– added full support for non-standard utf-8 characters such as Hebrew language

-index autofix added when products remove non-magento way
-too short queries moved back to original magento
-API – fixed images, configurable prices and sorting

– added image and prices so API results

– API access to search results

– fixed removing products for magento

– fixed indexer for magento

– fixed prefixed tables

– added memory usage log for queries
– added configuration option to limit results (and use less memory)

– fixed problem with indexers on and
– added more information to self-diagnozing page
-added checks if module was installed correctly (EAV)

– cron job for scheduled indexing at night
– possibility to index only new/updated products – that will save time and enable to resume indexing if fails
– improved index handling – separate for 1.3 and above
– improved logs – more info about indexing

– added option to search for the thirds time if no results

– fixed problem on some php version with index rebuild
– removed exception if index out-of-date – moved to log

– added log browsing to Self-diagnosing page

– fixed utf8 encoding and index for 1.5.xx

– cleared search cache if settings chaged
– added option to convert hypens into spaces

– added more configuration settings for noresults behaviour

-speedup index building
-added conf to configure fulltext mode

-rebuilt search if no results
-more clever fulltext search

-fixed problem with search synonyms

– added fuzzy search if no results
– added switch to not search if no results

– added Configuration screens
– added search mode
– fixed problem with multistores index
– added more log information
– added self-debug screen for troubleshooting

– added wildcard search if no results

– fixed index location problem
– fixed problem with tokenized fields

– fixed indexer for magento

You can check you system requirements by running below:

if (@preg_match('/\pL/u', 'a') != 1) {
$html .= 'Error: Utf8Num analyzer needs PCRE unicode support to be enabled.';
} else {
$html .= 'OK: PCRE unicode detected.';

if (!function_exists(‘mb_strtolower’)) {
$html .= ‘Error: Utf8Num analyzer needs mb_string extension.’;
} else {
$html .= ‘OK: mb_string detected.’;

echo “$html\n”;

Useful tips:

  • Search hints (autocomplete) shown on demo is our extension –
  • Magento compiler (if you use it) must be disabled before installation and then recompiled and enabled
  • If you have any memory problems you can go self-diagnozing page *see below* in admin to see what problems are
  • Zend Search Lucene is quite memory consuming for large indexes, so make sure that you monitor log files for memory usage – read here
  • once a day at midnight lucene index is beeing optimized, so make sure that you have cron jobs enabled and running
  • lucene index is stored on disk under var/indexer/[storeid] – make sure that apache has access to read and write to it
  • log file will appear if you have logs enabled (in System -> Configuration -> Developer)
  • to disable module you can do by Going to System -> Configuration – > Php4u Extenstions tab or by editing Php4u_BlastLuceneSearch.xml (switch all true to false)
  • all magento search queries are cached, so make sure that you rebuild index before testing it (you can truncate search results table if you’re not afraid)
  • to use UTF-8 analizer you must have pcre and mbstring installed – check here
  • any problems – write to Support  (supportatphp4udotzendeskdotcom)  

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