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Magento Search – how to do it properly

One of the main things that impact the number of sales on your Magento based store is definitely the Magento search function. Without a properly implemented search function, you users won’t be able to perform an adequate catalog search, which means that they won’t be able to find the desired products and perform a sale. This is a very serious issue, and because of that you need to make sure that you implement search improvement options that will lead towards a better search and an amazing experience overall for your customers.

How does the Magento Search Extension help?

This is where the Magento Search Extension comes into play. This extension has been created with the main purpose of providing you with a better search and delivering faster results, so your customers can find your products in a much easier manner.

One of the main features that make the Magento Search Extension stand out is the fact that it includes autocomplete. This basically means that your customers just have to start typing the name of your product and our Magento Search Extension will immediately scour your database then provide the customer with the appropriate, related results.

Useful features

With the help of Magento Search Extension you can also obtain another useful feature in the form of a neat conversion of your 404 pages into alternative search pages that will allow your customers to browse your other product offerings. This improved search allows you to increase the conversion rate and also improve the overall user experience as well!

When performing a catalog search, users also need spelling correction, because sometime they might not input the search terms correctly. With this simple yet handy feature, the Magento Search Extension allows you to show your customers that you do care about their experience and you provide value. This way, your customer will see you as a professional, and thus you will gain more sales.

The search improvement offered by the Magento Search Extension and its ease of use are doubled by the amazing speed that the extension offers. By default, when you perform a Magento Search you expect it to last for quite some time, but in the case of this Magento Search Extension your clients can obtain quick access to the items they need in milliseconds.

Faster purchase experience and seamless installation

Since no one has time to waste, the faster a purchase experience is, the better the revenue margin you can obtain. This is why installing the Magento Search Extension is very important if you want better results and more conversions from your Magento store.

Moreover, the installation process for the Magento Search Extension is seamless, as the extension is installed in seconds and then you won’t need to install anything in order to use or maintain the app.

With the help of this extension you can improve the Magento Search and just bring the much-needed, better search that your users expect from your website! Thanks to some stunning features like spell correction and autocomplete, you can bring the necessary professionalism to your online, Magento-based store. If you just want a better search function for your store and also need the amazing features included in the Magento Search Extension, then don’t hesitate and get the extension right away, you’ll see your sales increasing exponentially very fast!

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