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Magento and Cloud Computing

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It is well known that Magento is not for everyone, especially not for merchants without technical knowledge are forced to use developers from different sources to get things done.

There are many thing to worry about – which Magento version to choose, which theme will work best for the company profile best, which extensions to install so they will work together nicely and last but not least, hosting.

What if you have great products or services to sell, you have all logistics done and you just need an shop done?

Look no further – MageCloud the only place you need to take a look at.

The idea is very simple but effective – you tell them what you need via a very friendly interface and they do all of the leg work for you. Even the hosting is done by them.

I tested it with Amazon EC2, created an API key and secret, selected instance that I wanted to create, selected the preferred Magento version, theme and boom! Done.

Really? 4 minutes? Yes.

Magento. Latest. Updated. Patched. Checked

Theme. Selected per category. Checked.

Extensions. They have over 2500+. Checked.

Up and running? Checked.


Time for a coffe break then.

I suggest you take it for a ride, especially given that pricing plans include a offering free version with one Magento install to test their service. No strings attached.